The Partners

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Many of the SKIP-NMD partners have or are collaborating on a variety of other neuromuscular –related projects. All the clinical SKIP-NMD consortium partners (Straub, Bushby, Voit, Mercuri, Muntoni) are part of the recently ended EU FP6 Network of Excellent Collaborative grant called TREAT-NMD (co-ordinated by Straub and Bushby), as well as the smaller FP7 collaborative grants, BIO-NMD, CARE-NMD and NMD-CHIP.

The Muntoni, Dickson, Straub and Bushby partners, and more recently Voit are all part of the MDEX consortium which focuses on developing RNA therapy technology as a form of treatment for DMD patients. SKIP-NMD also incorporates several SMEs (small or medium sized enterprises). These are the aforementioned Sarepta Therapeutics, Consultants for Research and Imaging (CRIS) and SYSNAV.

CRIS is Belgium-based and provides consultancy expertise, support and protocol development skills in the use of NMR imaging and spectroscopy (e.g. MRI and MRS), which will be used as non-invasive outcome measures in our clinical trial.

SYSNAV is French-based with expertise in indoor/outdoor robust navigation and positioning systems based on magnetic and inertial sensors, and since 2010 have adapted their technology to develop an apparatus for assessing the motor activity of the upper limbs of non-ambulatory DMD patients in conjunction with partner Voit.

Recently partners SKIP-NMD Muntoni, Straub, Morgan became involved in an EU FP7 COST award, which provides funds to coordinate nationally-funded research at a European level, led by Dr Annemieke- Aartsma-Rus (Leiden, The Netherlands). This COST award aims to coordinate the worldwide endeavours of many labs developing standardized methods of dystrophin quantification, which could be used as an outcome measure in clinical trials on DMD patients.